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My reasons for trying this course was that I seemed to be spending much of my day with my head in the past or future, going over reasons why, or attempting to anticipate the future. I was not really living in the present and it showed itself in a feeling of living with a thick grey cloud surrounding me and through which I could see, but not feel, the world. I was losing large sections of every day to these ruminations. That awareness was already there well before this course, but I had no tools to deal with it, as having the awareness only propelled me further into the grey zone. Although my stress levels haven't changed at all, I feel I have learnt a lot from this course. It has shown me just how much I am missing whenever my head jumps on that same old train again. I have a lot to learn still but I now have some tools to at least slow the train down for a bit so I can get off it. Maybe with time I will learn not to get on it in the first place. This has been a great course and I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone.


Dec 2012

I really enjoyed the approach to the course and immediately felt it was beneficial in my everyday life. As a nurse with management responsibilities for a large group of staff and patients I think it is an invaluable tool for reflection and forward planning in a busy world.

Theresa Swan

Nov 2012

The 'Be Mindful Online' course was a complete revelation to me, and I don't think it is an exaggeration to say it has changed my life. I feel confident that it will continue to be an immense support to me over the coming years. I am also keen to be an advocate for Mindfulness in my professional life.

Alex Nicholson

Oct 2012

I have enjoyed doing this course very much. Ed and Tessa seem like warm people and I was keen to listen to their words and to practice the proposed exercises. The course has opened my eyes in many ways and I am more than thankful for this. My intentions to continue on the path of mindfulness are strong. Congratulations on such wonderful work and I do hope you reach many more!


Oct 2012

This has been a great course and I have picked up some really useful ideas regarding how to practice mindfulness. The pace of the course was just right and I like the fact that I can download the information for future use. The presenters were excellent - they had the right mix of professionalism and friendliness. I would definitely recommend this course to others.


Oct 2012

I really enjoyed this course. The regular e-mails really helped me to keep on track and I saw some real benefits in how I was feeling. It was very gentle and supportive, I would highly recommend this course to others.

Sara Force

Oct 2012

I am really pleased I made the effort to start the course. Initially it felt like just one more thing to do, and it took me about double the minimum time to complete as, particularly at the beginning it was so hard to find the time to log on but... I have made such positve improvements and have some really good strategies to keep me away from that aweful panicky edge and to take time out when I need to so I can re-group and re-focus. Great life skills.

Suzanne Roberts

Sep 2012

I felt really guided through this course to understand and to develop practices for personal mindfulness and to experience the potential for a method to change my obsessive negative thinking and my being overwhelmed by anxiety. I would like to thank the Team behink this ingenious course. I would like to thank Tessa and Ed for their personal explanations and sharing their experiences. I felt really accompaniedby them over these weeks and it made such a difference. A big thank you.

Mary Stoddart

Aug 2012

I am so glad I came across this course, the techniques taught are simple and yet so beneficial. I really enjoy practising being mindful, thank you for such a wonderful tool.

Sharon J Ellis

Aug 2012

I would have no hesitation in recommending Be Mindful Online to anyone who feels that they are struggling a little with something in their life, and looking for a way of reconnecting with the world and regaining a sense of perspective. The purpose behind each of the practices is made clear, the practices themselves are properly explained and easy to follow, and it is relatively easy to fit them into even a busy day. The fact that you can take as long as you like to complete the course is a useful safety net, but I found that the discipline of trying to make sure I did my practices every day was helpful in terms of making me focus. Tessa and Ed's video and audio contributions are immensely helpful, kind and sympathetic, and help you to feel included and nurtured. There were changes in my situation over the 5 weeks that I worked on the course that had an impact on my own stress situation, but I can definitely say that mindfulness practice also had an impact over that period. All of the exercises, no matter how long or short, helped me to feel calmer and more centred, better equipped to move forward, with greater awareness and sense of perspective. I could not have asked for more than that!

Gordon Hodge

Jul 2012

This course is probably one of the most important things I have done for my life so far. It has given me a solid foundation for carrying on and living life the way I want it and not as it is dictated by anxiety.

Emmet O' Sullivan

Jul 2012

Found it really amazing how much information we filter out to get by. Being mindful and focusing on the moment was such a great thing! And worthwhile doing the course to learn different techniques!

Pauline Wood

Jul 2012

What a wonderful course - thank you. So glad I tried it, it has helped me already and I hope will go on doing so as I continue practising. What I appreciate the most is the emphasis on how to make the mindfulness practice a part of your daily life and ways to go forward even after finishing this course. I will definitely be recommending this course to friends, family and colleagues!


Jul 2012

I have found that being mindful has helped me to focus on the present moment and often enjoy it more. Worry and negative thinking seem to have halved and I have become more aware of when my mind is running away with me! So I feel I may have learned a little bit more control. Thank you "mindfulness people".

Carol Holt

Jun 2012

I found lots of the ideas and suggestions on the course to be extremely helpful, and feel confident that it will help me to stay less anxious in the future.

Ingrid Oliver

Jun 2012

It's important to stick with this course as it does not represent a quick fix. At one point at the end of week three during a tough day I spent a quality 20 minutes practising the techniques and my day was transformed for the better. The course has really shown me how effective mindfulness techniques can be. I feel genuinely sad to be leaving the course but the point is to see this as a start whereby I can continue the practises and make them a part of every day life. Thank you.


May 2012

Although I took quite a long break from the course and did it in stages, I have still felt the benefits of the course. I am more aware of the important things in my life and I have found that being more present and mindful has helped me to achieve higher quality outcomes at work without allowing myself to reach burnout.

Laura Windle

Apr 2012

Really found this useful - was very suprised at how much I did on autopilot! A well presented and straightforward course.


Apr 2012

Thank you for this course, it has helped me a lot. My wife has noticed the difference in my general attitude to life. I took the course at a very difficult time for me, soon after spinal surgery, and it has helped me cope with my outlook on the future.

Hedley Pullin

Apr 2012

Well put together online course. Some of the practices are really useful in helping me to manage stress and anxiety. I have been able to use the practices at night to switch off ruminating over the same unhelpful thinking and have actually had some sleep.

Heather Heppenstall

Apr 2012

I thought initially that my anxiety levels weren't that bad, so I wondered if I should do this course. However, I hadn't taken time to step off the mad whirlwind of my life to really look at how things were. Through taking time to develop a more mindful approach, I first of all became tired, lethargic and angry with myself, yet as I worked through this I realised that everything was self inflicted. I now feel empowered to have that space to live my life to its fullest and I am much happier.

Barbara T

Apr 2012

This course is both valuable and worthwhile to anyone who allows stress to rule their lives, but it can be helpful to everyone. The tools taught can help others as well as oneself, allowing friends and colleagues to help each other if the world suddenly seems overwhelming. We are all vulnerable in a such a busy materialistic world to anxiety and this can easily develop into panic. Whilst the course does not offer an instant solution to the initial problem it can surprisingly quickly allow the individual to explore what is really going on and help bring them into a state where the issue is explored more calmly. Understanding what is really going on can help enormously. It was well constructed, clearly and empathetically taught with tools that form a great support. I will hopefully continue with mindfulness practice for the rest of my life.

Margaret Thomas

Apr 2012

Thank you so much for a really life-changing course. It has helped me enormously to re-evaluate the way that I look at life, and has given me a profound understanding of how my thoughts completely overwhelmed my life. I look forward to my own mindfulness space every day, and my family are certainly noticing a change for the better. I am heading back to work after Easter after two months away, and although I am a bit anxious, I feel more confident knowing that I have some essential tools to help me. As you recommend at the end of the course, I will be starting a group course in two weeks time, and I am really looking forward to that. Good luck to whoever starts soon! You will be thrilled!


Mar 2012

I work for a mental health charity in Coventry as a support worker. Part of my role is to help clients to improve the mental wellbeing. I have found this course to be an asset when communicating with clients about their needs. The downloads and exercises have made it easier for me to incorporate mindfulness into my work. An unexpected benefit is that I myself have found the course extremely useful for my own wellbeing. I practice the exercises regularly and have developed and enduring interest in mindfulness and meditation.

Alex Smith

Mar 2012

I had a feeling of pleasure each time an email from bemindfulonline popped up during my busy work schedule as I knew there would be a gift waiting for me to open. I had the anticipation of waiting until it was appropriate for me to make time for myself, close the door to the world and enter a secret garden. All the activities were acheivable and I was able to review and download too so was able to be in the moment with any video, instruction or acivity. I am now looking forward to continued daily paractice, sharing this with like minded others and maybe even training so that I am able to encourage others. Many thanks

Kate Buckle

Mar 2012

Displaying 1476 - 1500 of 1574 Testimonials