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Your Be Mindful Pathway includes

4-week full MBCT digital programme
Leading mindfulness teacher presenters
Interactive video sessions
Mindfulness practice assignments
Self-assessment tools to chart progress
Supporting motivational emails
Go at your own pace, with lifetime access
Resources library to keep
Certificate of completion
Life-changing benefits as you learn & practise

Absolutely fantastic life changing course. I really wish this type of course was taught at schools as I would have loved to have learned these valuable techniques from a young age. So interesting, enjoyable and useful. I will continue to practice and revisit the course library. Thank you!


Sep 2020

Outstanding. I found it helpful to cope with stressful situations and to lower anxiety. I am glad to have completed the course and I am very willing to keep including mindfulness activities and practices into my daily planning so that be mindful becomes for me a habit. It helps me see things differently and better enjoy my life. Thank you very much.


Aug 2020

This was a real turning point for me. I have never done anything like this before and didn't really have any tools or practices to turn to when I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed, which was fairly often. Since doing the course I am finding that I don't even worry about getting stressed so much as I know I have ways of coping with it and as a result I am less stressed to start with. Thank you


Sep 2017

Utterly brilliant, you really put it into easy-to-follow steps for me. It has helped me immensely! Thank you. Spot on.


Sep 2020

Found the course calming and helpful to know I was not alone. The videos cemented the practice and the daily emails encouraged you feeling you weren't forgotten and had a helping hand through the course. I feel more confident to deal with stressful feelings when they arise. Glad I joined.


Sep 2020

I found the Mindful course to be helpful and grounding. It helped me stop getting out of control and stressing about life. It helped me come back to myself and have control with my body and my surroundings. Well worth the time spent on the course and knowing the techniques for the future


Aug 2020

I found the course very helpful and have actually been able to use the exercises to reduce my stress levels. It’s great to be able to access the course in your own time, which worked great for me as I wanted something I could fit around my own life and I’m really pleased that I can still access them even after I have completed the course.


Sep 2020

What to expect on the course

The 4-week programme of mindfulness training is completed at your own pace. Leading mindfulness teachers, Ed and Tessa, guide you through instructional videos, interactive sessions, and mindfulness assignments supported by motivational emails. Explore how mindfulness can improve your mental wellbeing, review what you have learnt along the way and chart your progress with self-assessment tools.

By the end of the course, you'll be naturally practising mindfulness in your daily life, helping you to be present and not caught up in negative thoughts, to be more aware and respond more skilfully to events, and to reduce and maintain low levels of stress, depression and anxiety.

Introduction - Stress Assessment - Orientation

Here we meet Ed and Tessa and learn more about stress, anxiety, and mindfulness practices. You’ll discover what to expect and what you will gain from the Pathway, and take a simple stress test to assess your stress levels.

Routine Activity - Mindful Eating - Body Scanning

'Stepping Out of Auto Pilot'

We explore why behaving mechanically is not constructive, the benefits of awareness and learn how to make more conscious choices. You will begin practising exercises in mindfulness to become more present.

Mindful Movement - Event Awareness - Mindful Breathing

'Reconnecting with Body & Breath'

We practice mindful breathing and mindful movement to tune into your body. Discover how our thoughts, emotions and body sensations are all connected.

Breathing Space - Stress Awareness - Sitting Meditation

‘Working with Difficulties’

This week you will learn about stress, signs of its arrival and tools to help you respond differently. We develop awareness of thought patterns and consider thoughts in a liberating new way.

Activity Awareness - Stress Strategies - Breathing Space 

‘Mindfulness in Daily Life’

In Week 4 we explore exercises to monitor stress levels and become aware of patterns so you can recognise, respond and manage them more effectively. We learn coping actions to help better take care of ourselves.

Stress Assessment - Certificate - Resources

Here you’ll reflect on your Pathway. We’ll revisit the stress assessment to see how your scores have improved and consider how you can progress on your mindfulness journey, with your accessible course library and tips for continuing your learning. 

Be Mindful was created with the approval of the pioneers of MBCT. If you are ready to take the first steps on your Be Mindful Pathway to better mental wellbeing, you can follow the link below, or read on to find out more about the course.

Start Your Pathway: £40

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Key Features

Guided & Supported

Specialist mindfulness teachers guide and support you on your journey along this flexible online Pathway

Chart Your Progress

Self-assessment tools chart your progress and reductions in stress, depression and anxiety

Skills for Life

Mindfulness assignments to practise in daily life with supporting motivational emails

Proven & Lasting Benefits

Proven effective by high satisfaction ratings, academic, clinical research studies and NHS-approval

Flexible & Accessible

Accessible on demand and web-app compatible with all devices, including smartphones

Widely Effective

Helps with depression, anxiety and stress, low mood, and helps to enhance general wellbeing

Do you have any questions?

We understand that embarking on your Pathway to better mental wellbeing can be a big decision. Our FAQ page provides answers to the most common questions Be Mindful participants ask prior to starting on their Pathway.


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Your Mindfulness Teachers

Ed Halliwell and Tessa Watt are leading mindfulness teachers. They are highly qualified and experienced, having both completed Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) teacher development at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice - Bangor University, UK.

Ed Halliwell
Tessa Watt

Ed and Tessa's approach to teaching mindfulness is supportive, open and very carefully considered. Together, they make learning mindfulness refreshingly simple and deeply personal.

This course doesn't just tell you, it shows you. I found the format and methods very helpful and everything is broken down into digestible chunks. A really helpful course that enormously improved my life. One of the best things I've ever done.


Jul 2019

This course was incredibly valuable to me. I feel much better now and I can see a clear way forwards. The course was taxing but well worth it. Thank you so much.


Nov 2019

What an important and necessary journey. The whole course bursts with valuable insights regarding mindfulness practice in life. I know that your advice shall be effective through thick and thin, trials and tribulations, good times and bad, happy days and sad. Thank you so very much, Tessa and Ed.


Sep 2019

Be mindful is the first step I have taken to help me to relax and to tackle stress related problems without medication. I found the information given throughout the four week course was very helpful to me in understanding the process of mindfulness. The effort to practice mindfulness on a daily basis was worthwhile. I am calmer and more relaxed.


Oct 2018

This is a fantastic course! It really does help with dealing with thoughts and situations on a daily basis. You have to keep up with the practices to feel the benefit, but it really is worth it. Since doing this course I have been much happier and more relaxed within myself, and feel that I now have something that actually works to help cope with stress and bad days.


Sep 2019

I found the course invaluable as I can see the change in my life already. I tend to react somewhat hastily and then regret my words/actions and this course has helped me create more space for reflection. I think that mindfulness is a great practice to help us relate to others in a more accepting way whilst creating boundaries that help us to respect ourselves


Nov 2019

Discover the Pathway

We offer a free introduction so you can get a feel for what to expect on the course. There's no obligation and you can delete your registration any time. Follow the button below to discover more and help you decide if it’s time to take your first steps along the Be Mindful Pathway to better mental health and wellbeing.