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"The Be Mindful program helped me to re-evaluate any issues I was facing with a clearer outlook and made me realise that we can't always control our destinies but there are ways of coping with them."


Feb 2022

"This program has helped me cope through some of the most difficult times in my life, and has helped me see things in a more relaxed, rational way."


Apr 2021

"The program has really helped me pause and think about things before reacting. It has reminded me that I am in control and given me tools to deal with issues and situations better. I am gradually building some of the things into my daily routine."


Jan 2022

"This course has helped me a great deal... Being officially SAD winter has always been a difficult time of year for me. This course has made me look at the season in a different way."


Feb 2022

"I would recommend this program for the self awareness and the practical guided activities that it offers. I came out of it knowing and feeling that I had gained and benefited something for life along with continual practicing."


Feb 2022

Flexible, accessible and on-demand

What's on the program

Be Mindful delivers all the elements of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), the clinically established form of mindfulness therapy. The objective of the program is for participants to improve their health questionnaire scores for Anxiety (GAD-7), Depression (PHQ-9) and Stress (PSS). This is achieved through the practice of mindfulness and cognitive approaches learnt throughout the program. 

Our experts guide participants in a linear structure through four themed modules, each taking one week to complete. Each module comprises of interactive on-demand sessions and mindfulness assignments to practice in their own time. Individuals take part at their own pace and are encouraged to practice regularly to achieve the most benefit.

Self-assessment tools are used to chart progress from start to finish. Over the course of the program, participants can expect to noticeably improve their mental health and wellbeing and gain the skills and knowledge to maintain good mental health in the long term.

Introduction - Stress Assessment - Orientation

Participants meet the experts and are introduced to mindfulness, discovering what to expect and what they can gain from the program. They take their pre-treatment self-assessment to measure their starting levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Routine Activity - Mindful Eating - Body Scanning

'Stepping Out of Auto Pilot'

Explore why behaving mechanically is not constructive, the benefits of awareness and learning how to make more conscious choices. Participants begin practising exercises in mindfulness to become more present.

Mindful Movement - Event Awareness - Mindful Breathing

'Reconnecting with Body & Breath'

Participants learn and practice mindful breathing and mindful movement to tune into the body and discover how our thoughts, emotions and body sensations are all connected.

Breathing Space - Stress Awareness - Sitting Meditation

‘Working with Difficulties’

Participants learn about stress, signs of its arrival and tools to help respond differently. They develop awareness of thought patterns and consider thoughts in a liberating new way.

Activity Awareness - Stress Strategies - Breathing Space 

‘Mindfulness in Daily Life’

Explore exercises to monitor stress levels and become aware of patterns to help recognise, respond and manage them more effectively.

Stress Assessment - Certificate - Resources

Participants revisit the self-assessment to measure their post-treatment levels of stress, anxiety, and depression and see how they have changed from their starting scores. Suggestions are proposed for continuing their mindfulness journey with the learnt techniques and tools from the program.

Participation by referral only

Be Mindful is only available to individuals via our licensed partners. We do not offer self-pay or other self-enrolment options. Our growing network of partners include healthcare services, workplaces, social enterprises, and other organisations who license our treatment programs for individuals in their catchment area or population.