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Be Mindful is part of the Wellmind Health family of digital treatments and was developed in 2011 with the approval of Professor Mark Williams and Jon Kabat-Zinn, the pioneers and originators of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

Depression, stress and anxiety have deep impacts on people’s lives. They can also profoundly affect partners, family members, careers and futures. We are intensely proud to have helped so many people achieve significant and long-term improvements to their wellbeing and quality of life. Reading about the impact Be Mindful has had on real lives in the feedback, testimonials and independent Trustpilot reviews fulfils us us on our mission and we look forward to helping many more people on a pathway to better mental health.

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We supply you with all the tools and support to provide Be Mindful in a healthcare or enterprise setting. The accompanying Portal makes measuring effectiveness effortless. 

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