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Outstanding long-term results verified by published research



University of Surrey, School of Psychology evaluation study, Mindfulness Journal



Department of Psychiatry, Oxford University and published in BMJ Open



University of Surrey, School of Psychology evaluation study, Mindfulness Journal

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Learn a practical approach

Engaging videos and interactive sessions teach a more effective way of handling stress and challenges to improve your quality of life.

Complete the course in your own time

Web-based and on-demand, the Be Mindful course is easy to access, simple to follow and completed at your own pace on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Monitor your progress and results

Track your progress along the course with self-assessment tools that chart reductions in your levels of stress, depression and anxiety.

For Healthcare and Enterprise

We supply all the tools to successfully offer and provide Be Mindful in a healthcare or enterprise setting. Using our specialised yet simple to use course Management Portal, clinicians and psychological wellbeing practitioners benefit from full access to their clients' data to provide supplemental support and update client record systems. Employers receive anonymised data so their employees can access the course with full confidentiality.

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The Be Mindful Team provide a free introduction so you can get a feel for what to expect on the course. There is no obligation and you can delete your registration at any time. Simply follow the button below to learn more and help you decide if Be Mindful is the right mindfulness course for you.