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Outstanding long-term results verified by published research



University of Surrey, School of Psychology evaluation study, Mindfulness Journal



Department of Psychiatry, Oxford University and published in BMJ Open



University of Surrey, School of Psychology evaluation study, Mindfulness Journal


The Be Mindful course is the subject of numerous clinical and academic research studies that report highly significant results for participants and are published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals.


What our participants say

Read the latest Trustpilot reviews and participant testimonials describing the real and personal life-changing benefits of Be Mindful.

I found the exercises in this course very useful, easy, and powerful. I have reduced my anxiety and depression. I am working on sleeping better. The best thing I felt this course provided was the permission to be kind to myself and quit beating myself up over my failings. Thank you.


Jul 2021

I did this course a few years ago and it was the most helpful thing I have done. Much better than taking medication. After finishing the course you can choose from your library the ones that you find the most helpful. Years later, when things get too stressful I know I can always just go into my library and do a relaxation meditation which always helps. Thank you Mindfulness.


Jun 2021

Enjoy a more wakeful, healthier, happier life

Be Mindful has helped many thousands of people significantly reduce their levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. In just 4-weeks, you could be naturally practising mindfulness in your daily life and enjoying all the incredible wellbeing benefits this brings.


For Healthcare and Enterprise

We supply all the tools to successfully offer and provide this clinical-grade Digital Therapeutic (DTx) course in a healthcare or enterprise setting. Using our specialised yet simple to use course Management Portal, clinicians and psychological wellbeing practitioners benefit from full access to their clients' data to provide supplemental support and update client record systems. Employers receive anonymised data so their employees can access the course with full confidentiality.

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