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Our Story

Be Mindful is part of the Wellmind Health family. Since 2011, our skilled and passionate team has been dedicated to helping people achieve better mental wellbeing and to making a real and lasting impact on real lives. Built on a foundation of lived experience, the Wellmind Health journey began with Be Mindful.

Our founders recognised the incredible potential of online mindfulness training to improve lives when they connected their backgrounds in web production with their efforts to improve their own mental health. Be Mindful was created with the approval of the pioneers of MBCT, and continually demostrating that our Pathway genuinely helps people is incredibly important to us. Be Mindful is the subject of numerous academic and clinical research studies and over time has grown to be used by more and more healthcare services and be listed on the NHS Apps Library.

Depression, stress and anxiety have deep impacts on people’s lives. They can also profoundly affect partners, family members, careers and futures. We are intensely proud to have helped so many people achieve significant and long-term improvements to their wellbeing and quality of life with our medication-free courses. Reading about the difference Be Mindful has made to real lives in the testimonials of course completers fulfils us on our mission and we look forward to helping many more people on their Pathway to better mental wellbeing.


Whether you are an organisation or an individual, select below for the solution that fits your needs: