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Course Registration

For University of Oxford

Be Mindful is an online mindfulness course for reducing stress, anxiety and depression, improving sleep, and maintaining and enhancing general wellbeing for a more wakeful, healthier, happier life. Be Mindful is the only online mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) course - the clinically established form of mindfulness therapy. Designed by experts, so you can learn to practise mindfulness anywhere and achieve your own life-changing benefits, our flexible and accessible Pathway is NHS-Approved and proven effective by rigorous published research studies.

Register below to get started on the introduction to the course, where you’ll find out more about the Pathway and get a feel for what to expect. It's worth noting that your participation is completely confidential. So that we can validate your University of Oxford employment status, please register with your University email address (you can change this later).

After registration you'll receive an email with a link to follow to validate your email address and activate your course place. Please activate ASAP then you can start the course in your own time.
Easy to Access! Be Mindful is a web-app, meaning you can follow the course from any device, including mobile phones & tablets; all you need is a web browser.
Take part with confidence that the course is evidence-based, backed by research & has been rigorously assessed by the NHS, passing their high-quality standards for inclusion on the NHS Apps Library.