Everyone's talking about mindfulness. Take this course and see for yourself the life changing benefits that the practice of mindfulness brings – Mindfulness it's amazing stuff!

Practising mindfulness is a mind-body approach to life that helps people to relate differently to experiences. It involves paying attention to our thoughts and feelings in a way that increases our ability to manage difficult situations and make wise choices. 

This course guides you through all the elements of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). It's free to start and easy-to-follow with step-by-step guidance throughout. In as little as 4 weeks you'll be rewarded with mindfulness skills that'll last a life-time! 


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Dec 2014

Ashly writes…

I started this course after suffering with PTSD. I have suffered with depression on and off for years and I have found in the past meditation and yoga to help. At the time when I was at my worst, I could not control my feelings, I had issues in my life that I had not dealt with or accepted and I felt like I had failed the most important people in my life to the point that I thought they would be better off without me in this life. I was medically treated with a serotonin stabilizer and my family opted to care for me at home, which I am incredibly grateful to them for. Doing a Mindfulness course had been recommended to me and when I felt ready I chose this online course as I felt I was not in a place where I could share some of my thoughts with other people. The course has proved to be a really positive step forward for me and helped me to see things differently. It is meditation based and to begin with I thought what's the point in doing the course I know this stuff as I had practiced meditation previously. However the course is designed to give you set exercises to practise just at the right time and interval to assist you with maximum benefit and understanding. The emails I received were also great as they kept the course at the forefront of my mind and gave me little reminders to practice regularly. I am so pleased I stuck to the course and followed it through to the end, as my life and mental state is in a place I never thought I would get back to. I also saw a counsellor alongside doing this course and I had some Reiki treatments which have really worked for me. 

 5 / 5

Dec 2014

Alice Courvoisier writes…

Very well thought out course. Thank you.

 5 / 5

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